Bird and Butterfly Wildflower Seed Mix
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Bird and Butterfly Mix

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Extending an invitation to birds and butterflies is one of the most pleasant things any gardener can do. Ask anyone who's grown this mixture: It's one thing to have a beautiful display of wildflowers, and quite another when those flowers attract equally beautiful and captivating wildlife on the wing. This mix includes the colors and wildflower forms most attractive to a wide range of birds and butterflies. Four-ounce package covers a maximum 360 square feet.

Bird and Butterfly Mix contains: Four o'clock, Nasturtium, Cosmos, Zinnia, Purple coneflower, Marigold, Rocket larkspur, Sweet alyssum, Gloriosa daisy, Lemon mint, Flowering tobacco, Annual phlox.

Note: Large scale planting rate - 20 pounds per acre (Approximately 243,180 seeds per pound)

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