About Us

Welcome to The Wildflower Seed and Tool Company. In 1987 we began our company, here in the Napa Valley, in response to a growing interest in wildflowers and a frustration, as home gardeners, in finding quality wildflower seeds and mixtures.

Over time, we expanded our offerings to include tools to make your gardening life easier. Our ergonomic hand tools are manufactured with the highest quality materials. We sell directly to you, our customers, so that we can provide these professional quality tools at a unbeatable price.

We developed our Woman's Pro™ line of tools in response to feedback from many of our customers. Many of the professional quality tools on the market were not designed with a woman user in mind.

Our Cut and Hold Pruners feature a gripping mechanism that hold up to 10 lbs! Our extended reach models keep you safely on the ground and off the ladder.

Thank you for visiting the Wildflower Seed and Tool Company!

Happy gardening!