Gloves In A Bottle Hand Cream
Product Reviews

Gloves In A Bottle applies like hand cream, leaving my hands smooth and soft but provides a barrier against the dirt, the stains and the penetrating grunge I am always getting my hands into, as I work in the greenhouses potting and cutting and in my work shop with my many projects. The best feature is the penetrating coverage, guarding against dirt, stains and grunge. I think this product should be available in Garden Centers and well as Automotive and Home Centers.
Ti Henderson, Enumclaw, WA

Even though I am not gardening at this time of the year I have started using the lotion - Gloves In A Bottle as I have some very dry patches on my hands and it is doing a good job of healing them. We are in Arizona at this time of the year and the air is very dry so a good time to test it. It is easy to use and I will continue to use the lotion in the spring when I return to gardening.
RR Yahnke, Sherburn, MN

I would recommend Gloves In A Bottle, it does more than it claims. I dislike gloves for cleaning and this did protect my hands so that they weren't drying and cracked afterward. It repelled the smell of onions on my hands, I had a rash on my arms and wrists and this protected the skin and gave it a chance to heal up. The soil brushed right off after digging. I like the product a lot.
Marilyn Pletcher, Wheat Ridge, CO