Cut And Hold By-Pass Pruner
Product Reviews

"I am writing to give your company and your products an enthusiastic endorsement. Your Cut and Hold Telescopic Pruner is far and away the single best garden product I have ever owned and is my only garden tool that is absolutely indispensable. We have many shrubs and trees that we trim from decks that are thirty feet off the ground. The Cut and Hold allows me to prune without dropping trimmings all over the yard. I even use it to pick avocados since its grip is strong enough to hold Reed avocados that are six inches in diameter and extremely heavy. The lightweight allows me to prune for hours and I can reach full extension with one hand. The telescopic pruner allows me to prune without getting on a ladder. The standard cut and hold pruner allows me to trim low shrubs without bending down or leaning over, a real back-saver."
-Dave Russell, Laguna Beach CA

"Just a note of thanks for your Telescopic Cut and Hold Pruner, I don't know how I ever did without it. I've had it now for a couple of years and I use it practically every day. What a terrific tool."
-Joe Cutietta, Foster City CA

"Thank you for developing these tools, as they save me from ladders, hills and rose thorns in my yard, I especially like the extendable one as I can trim my bushes that are as high as 10 feet without using a ladder. The short one is the best for trimming roses without getting stuck. I have probably sold 5 0r 6 by letting people know about these which are not sold by anyone else. I do have a standard 20-foot pole trimmer for trees, but your tools are my favorite. "
-Tom and Linda Hendren, Anaheim, CA