Cut And Hold Short Reach Pruners
Product Reviews

"Hi, I recently received the Cut and Hold tool. I have no fruit or flowers to harvest, but how great it is for taming a hedge that I keep natural and soft looking. It's just perfect for reaching up there to snip off unruly new growth. Just thought you'd like to hear of other uses…no more ladders for small jobs! Thanks!"
-Georgia Lumpkin, age 84, Los Angeles, CA

"I placed an order on August 31st for the shorter Cut and Hold Pruner and couldn't believe it when the mailman delivered it today! Now that's what I call service! I am a self-proclaimed gadget nut, and after watching Cisco Morris and Megan Black demonstrate it on a local TV station, I vacillated for quite a while about justifying the expense of another gardening tool. With 3 huge flower carpet rose bushes needing to be pruned and deadheaded, I decided to bite the bullet and ordered the shorter pruner. I've already cut back half of one bush in half an hour. That would normally take half a day (with many thorn pricks) to accomplish. Needless to say, I am well pleased with my decision to buy this gem of a tool. Thank you…for an easy to use, well designed tool, and for the speedy delivery."
-Mary Wilmer, Shoreline WA