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Low-Growing Meadow Mix



Low-Growing Meadow Mix

In response to considerable demand, we are now offering a low-growing meadow mix. This choice mixture contains both annuals and perennials--none of which grow taller than twelve inches! Perfect for large scale meadow plantings, borders, or even as fill-in plantings throughout your garden, this mixture prefers full sun. Flowers in this mixture are very attractive to butterflies; reseeds readily for year-after-year beauty. Four-ounce package covers a maximum 450 square feet.

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Low-Growing Meadow Mix contains: Common yarrow, Basket-of-gold, Wallflower, Dwarf calliopsis, African daisy, Rocket larkspur, Goldfields, Tidy-tips, Dwarf toadflax, Sweet alyssum, Virginia stock, White evening primrose, California bluebell, Dwarf sweet william catchfly, Johnny-jump-up.

Note: Large scale planting rate - 12 pounds per acre (Approximately 805,510 seeds per pound)

4 ounce package: $16.00
8 ounce package: $39.00
1 pound package: $65.00

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