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Interchangeable Head Garden Tool Set

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Interchangeable Head Garden Tool Set


Interchangeable Head Garden Tool Set

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This is the perfect tool set for the gardener who gardens in a small space, wants to work with lighter tools, wants tools that will fit a child's size, or is limited for storage.

Snap on a new tool head to the durable handle and you've got another tool. The four most popular tool heads are included, spade, leaf rake, hoe, and tinned rake. This set is not a toy set, but an honest hard-working set that will adjust to your size with a telescopic handle.

  • Add a new tool head in 3 seconds for the task at hand
  • Telescopic handle adjusts to fit your size from 3 feet to 5 feet
  • Made of durable lightweight but strong aluminum
  • Perfect tool set for condo dwellers, elderly, or children
  • Stores easily in small space

Set includes: Telescopic handle, leaf rake, spade, hoe, and tinned rake

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