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Cut Flower Mix



Cut Flower Mix

There are few sights more pleasing than a large bouquet of wildflowers. Their presence adds a fresh, happy note to any room. This mixture contains specially selected long-stemmed varieties of wildflowers, sure to bring back memories of Grandma's (or Grandpa's) cutting garden. Varieties in this mix bloom over a long season, from spring through late summer. One of our most popular mixes. Four-ounce package covers a maximum 550 square feet.

Order $100, Get a Free Sharpener/Order $200, Free Sharpener and Pruner

Cut Flower Mix contains: Bachelor's buttons, Yellow cosmos, Baby's breath, Sweet rocket, Godetia, Calliopsis, Rocket Larkspur, Sweet William, Gilia, Black-eyed Susan, Bishop's flower, Sweet William catchfly, White evening primrose.

Note: Large scale planting rate - 15 pounds per acre (Approximately 527,850 seeds per pound)

4 ounce package: $14.00
8 ounce package: $34.00
1 pound package: $59.00

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