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Wildflower Cut Bouquet and Meadows of Wildflowers from Wildflower Seed and Tool Company


About Our Seed

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We at The Wildflower Seed and Tool Company have selected from over 100 varieties of wildflowers to create what we believe to be the finest wildflower mixes for specific garden uses, anywhere and at any price. Quality of bloom, drought tolerance, intensity of color, and the ability of the plant to naturalize and reseed year after year have been our criteria for selecting these varieties. To ensure the mixtures grow well in your garden, we have selected plants that are easy-to-grow and widely adapted throughout North America. Complete planting instructions are included with each package of seed. If you have questions regarding large-scale or estate plantings, please don't hesitate to call or drop us a line. It's one of our specialties.

Please note: Our four-ounce packages contain two ounces of seed and two ounces of vermiculite to help broadcast the seed more evenly. Our larger packages are, as stated, 100% seed, so for even seeding you may want to mix the seed with an equal amount of sand or vermiculite.

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