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California Poppies



California Poppies

We have received so many requests for California poppy seed, all by its self, that we are offering high quality seed (with an exceptional germination rate). This is the vibrant orange California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) you have come to know and love: unadulterated, unimproved, and adaptable to a wide range of climatic conditions. Considered a perennial that acts like an annual, the California poppy will readily re-seed itself, year after year, in almost all climates.

Order $100, Get a Free Sharpener/Order $200, Free Sharpener and Pruner

The rather unusual botanical name, by the way, commemorates Johann Friedrich von Eschscholtz, a doctor and naturalist that visited the far west with a Russian expedition in the early 1800's. Drop that tidbit of information into a casual gardening conversation and you'll win friends and influence enemies. Four-ounce package covers 625 square feet.

Note: Large scale planting rate - 15 pounds per acre (Approximately 250,000 seeds per pound)

4 ounce package: $14.00
8 ounce package: $34.00
1 pound package: $59.00

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