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About The Wildflower Seed and Tool Company of Napa Valley California

Welcome to The Wildflower Seed and Garden Tool Company. Our wildflower seed mixtures are unique in that they contain 100 percent of the highest quality wildflower seeds available on the market. We do not add grass or clover seed to bulk-up our mixtures. The absence of "filler" seeds means our wildflowers compete less for growing space and are more likely to reestablish themselves and flourish for years to come.

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Take a look at our Cut and Hold Pruners, our Woman's Pro™ Garden Tools, specifically designed for women, and our Hori Hori Digging, Weeding and Planting Tool to see how to make your gardening life easier! Our Garden tools are proprietary to The Wildflower Seed and Garden Tool Company and are designed to be ergonomically friendly and manufactured of the highest quality of material. They are all red for a reason: so you can find them in the garden!

Thirty years ago we began our company, here in the Napa Valley, in response to the growing interest in wildflowers and our own frustration, as home gardeners, in trying to find quality wildflower seeds and mixtures and garden tools geared toward specific needs and environments.

So come on in and see what we are talking about! You'll find Wildflower Seeds & Mixes for any climate ... and More ... and don't forget to check out our FREE planting instructions.

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